24 October journal

Good morning folks it’s Monday. Mistress and i watched a movie last evening. Just cuddled on the couch. We thought the movie was never going to end. Then we went to bed. Yesterday was our normal Sunday. Grocery and laundry. Lazied around and didn’t do much other wise. 

Things were really good yesterday. Though our funds are getting super tight again. We are managing. We are sitting home and doing nothing. Going out and surrendering money just is not on our list of to dos. Things are just going to have to wait. Work did finally approved overtime again. Yet I’m not going to do the 12 hour thing anymore. I physically cannot. It’s great to have the money but the sickness that came isn’t worth the trouble. so I’ll do what i can and in 10 hours I’m going home. That leaves me with issue #2, the help i have where i am has already called in sick. He did that yesterday. So I’m stuck with what ever happens for the day, alone which is fine and dandy. Mostly because he doesn’t have the skills i need him to have and he tends to disappear or make assumptions about things with out going and looking. Kids today are worthless. I won’t go any further on that. 

Yesterday afternoon, some things came to light that had put me in another funk. I’m so sick of funks I’m ready to Scream. But some how I’m not in one today. Yesterday my mother talked to my wife. I thought for a second that maybe they were going to accept this. I knew they wouldn’t. They are too set in their ways. They cannot grasp this at all. They don’t understand it. Mom did say that she loves me. And that she will not talk about this to me. It does seem that she isn’t going to talk to me at all. It bothered me yesterday evening. Today, well, I’m OK. I guess i just had to process it. Basically I feel my mom said goodbye. Which does hurt. May be someday, she or they will come around and at least tolerate me. Right now it’s denial. Some how I’m good with it, I’m not letting it run me down. I don’t know why I’m not in a deeper funk than i was. Anyway I’m OK. 

Last night, i was about to get into the shower, when i started hopping around dancing. That’s when i realized that boobs bouncing out of a support like a bra or bikini top hurts. It wasn’t unbearable, but enough to make one stop and pay attention. I had noticed also in the last week, since the increase in spiro, my boobs have been budding out quite quickly. Holy cow Batman. So it seems attempting to run around with out a bra is a no no. Though I’ve already figured that out due to the soreness of just the growth. 

Well people, it’s already been a crazy day here at work. Left over stuff from Friday, issues this morning and just the way things are with a short amount of people. And I’ve got to get going on what needs doing otherwise. So i best get moving. Hope you all have a great day. 


Love Candi

Oh and a special I love you too my wife. 🙂

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