22 October Journal

Its A COLD saturday morning in memphis everyone. Compared to a day ago in the sixties, today at forty degrees its a touch cold. WOW just WOW! Looks like fall is finally going to stick around this go around according to the weather guy on the tv. Which is fine by right now. Who knows what the hormones will tell me on the subject.

Yesterday was pretty good actually. Well, Until i got home. The phone rang, it was Corp office wanting to fix an issue with a vendor. GOod Grief, stop finding me. Afer 30 minutes on the phone and the resolution not going to happen until monday or tuesday, I found out that monday has happened all week for the guy i was talking to there as well. Just bad everywhere i suppose.Then about 4 pm the phone rang again. A unit is down and the the other mechanic is not answering. Supposed to be on the clock, and not to be reached. That isnt looking good. I made the decision to remove the unit by a tow truck and work on it today personally. then about 10 after five the mechanic called me stating “X” needed to be done. I am pretty sure “X” is not the issue. I could be wrong but I dont think so. I just know the units pretty good. In the hour between getting the issue dealt with, I had two other phone calls. FOund out we are now allowed over time. I am not and will not work more than 10 hours a day. 12 hours a day is to much and the reason I have been on antibiotics for almost a month to get rid of all the infections from no rest. My Stamina isnt what it was, and the stress of the job right now has caused plenty of issues mentally as well. I am just not going to stress over the damn place anymore. So When I did talk to the other mechanic, he claimed to have been at the unit for 30 minutes. Some how I dont believe him. So Another day of late working for fucking free! I am getting pretty damn mouthy about the subject at work. 

So I sit here waiting on daylight to come, Watching the “little rascals” Then I am going to go to work and take care of the issue. Then its a pedicure after that and then home to resst for what ever reasons i feel like. Mostly because I deserve it. I tell ya, I really hate being in the dumps and having all this drama. ITs getting pretty darn old. I have gotten to where i just wanna crawl into a hole and let it pass. COme get me when things are fixed. Just pay me while you figure it out. Two years of being here and finally someone is seeing what is wrong. The same shit i been telling them since september of 2014. Now that we got a new Regional Manager for maintenance back in late may or early June, he is seeing what I been saying and has worked hard to get it fixed. But so much stuff has been swept under the rugs, that every time a rug is moved there is  nest of scorpions to clean up. ITs been over whelming for him. Well thats life in the idiot department i guess. 

I have to post on some HRT stuff tomorrow. SOme things that have really been noticed the last couple days. Until then, have a wonderful day everyone. 

Love Candi

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