20 October journal

Is Thursday folks. I’m ready to Scream, between yesterday and this morning, I’ll just stressed out to the max. Mistress attempted to keep me safe last night but she couldn’t do it this morning after i left home. Ya know when you dead getting up in the mornings, it’s time to find another job. I really wantto stay with this company. But, since the upper management won’t see the issues here locally and get some help in maintenance, there won’t be anyone left to do the work, period. All of us are just about done. We cannot meet the the demands of reports, conference calls, compliance on services and keep the repairs made on half a skeleton crew. And then add the fact that only about 4 of the few people we have are actually skilled enough to make a difference. Yet we can’t because there isn’t enough of us to go around. I found yesterday that we are about to lose 2 more people in maintenance and we could lose more before its over with, ie fixed with people in place. 

Well any way, the weather got cloudy, the temps dropped considerably, and now it’s chilly. is cloudy now too. Just dreary and it’s nice to have cooler weather, but i could stand the sunshine. We do need rain. I saw some cute office pranks on face book and that put a smile on my face. I’ve taken to not liking posts at this time on face book. I’ve actually gotten to where I don’t care what’s on Facebook. It’s all religious and political posts mostly. and that shit gets me down. 

Well people I’m ending this post here. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be in a better mood. Today has just been spot stupid, actually this entire week hasn’t been good at all. Maybe it was the full moon we had. Monday has got to be better than what we have had this week. It’s been Monday all week long. Have a great evening folks. 


Love Candi

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