19 October journal

The lovely hump day has arrived people. Be sure you are getting your groove on. Yes it’s Wednesday. And boy i hope the day is better than the last two. It’s three thirty and I woke up at three. I just couldn’t sleep anymore. I guess that nap from yesterday was a good thing. 

I read a post yesterday, and then i got remembering some stuff.  It is things everyone asks when you come out to them as trans. How big of boobs are you going to get and when are you going to have your junk chopped off? The latter is no one’s business but mine and the doctor’s. The only other person that needs to know is my wife. What is in my panties is not of any consequence of to any one, period. The first question is one we discussed at our meeting of Saturday. It seems I’m not the only one i know that’s been asked the boob question. We agree it’s old. For me it’s not a question of how big of bosoms im going to get. It’s more of a question of how big nature will let them get. Therefore i cannot actually answer that question. One is, do Girls going through puberty get asked how big are they going to get their boobs? Going through puberty for a trans girl is as painful as the cisgender girls in the breast department. Some women I’ve talked to have remembered their breast development. They wished me luck in dealing with the pain. Those women haven’t asked me how big my boobs are going to be. Nor have they asked the other question. Anyhow either way, I’m kinda tired of both questions, and the assumption that it’s required to have your penis removed to live life as a female.  

Anyway it’s getting on time to finish getting ready for work. I have a short day. Only half a of work. I’ve an appointment this morning and will be off the rest of the day. Then i can get some needed rest and decide what to do for dinner. Anyway, have a great day everyone. 


Love Candi

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