18 October journal

Good morning folks. It’s tuesday. It’s rather warm this morning for mid October. Actually it’s too warm. I may as well have stayed in Texas as warm as it is this morning. Though the leaves are turning colors some, it still feels like late spring. 

It seems my body is really changing now. There increased spiro has done wonders to the feel of my skin, body hair, and we will see about the facial hair. It seems the hair has about stopped growing. But I’ll wait and see what happens. Because it may be wishful thinking, lol. I do know the facial hair will not stop. The body hair has already changed some in five months but nothing like I’ve noticed yesterday. Final note on this change, omg my breasts are sore. Or i should say were. The changes in the girls since Friday is wow. But i keep having hot flashes. Oh well, I’ll deal with them. 

Turns out there seems to be some hidden trouble in the family that no one is talking about. Besides my transition, my brother is having marital issues and come to find out there has been physical abuse happening. I’m just appalled to hear those things, but i had a feeling and also putting pieces together, i can see this has been an issue for a long time. So the divorce is imminent for him. That’s all I’m really going to say on that issue. 

This morning so far has been disaster in some ways. But it’s not all that bad on the grand scheme of things. I’m talking about work. I went on a road failure, to find but much i could do. However on my way there, runners were in the street. It’s dark, its a street and guess what folks? There is a sidewalk, that for some reason, people here don’t believe in using. They always use the street. I’ve never seen a place where they’re given a safe way to do something and then not use it, and complain that they got ran over or hurt in some way. Fucking idiots.

Mistress and I discussed going to Texas during the holidays. We’ve already discussed this several times. We just ain’t going. Being ignored if not high on the list of enjoyment. That was before coming out to them. Date since, September 24, I’ve not heard from my folks. I mean not a word. Which is normal actually. I’ve stated many times that they only call when they need help. Or it’s a holiday for gatherings. Other than that not one word of hey how are you?, Or what’s going on or anything. Honestly it’s kinda crappy. But I’ve dealt with it. I’m going to do my thing and be happy. I love my parents, don’t get me wrong, but a person can only take so much of certain things. So anyway that’s where i stand on that. 

Well it’s time to get busy with a couple things. I’ve got an hour and a half of the work day behind me. Hope you all have a great day! 


Love Candi

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