16 October Journal

ITs sunday half a month from halloween. Isn’t that lovely? Good morning Folks its sunday. The temp is not to bad. Its a comfy cool outside. We went to bed late and I woke up sweating my ass off, and Mistress was in the living room on the couch passed out. We are still talking on stuff dealing with transistion. And it seems as usual I have not done this Correctly. Which whats new, I never do anything right anyway. I tend to up set her pretty good no matter what i do. Its just that many times I never know because she doesnt say anything. Then she doesnt know how I feel because I dont open up either. But more on that in another post.

Today we have to get a couple things done and probably will try to be back before the Packers hosting the Cowboys. GO PACKERS. there is a special reason for my love of the Packers and the dislike of the cowbotys.

Yesterday I found at Kmart, which is closing, a new coffee pot. Its Not Electric but hey I wanted one like this for like> EVER. The last time I Found one it was close to 70 dollars. I was like holy shit i aint paying 70 dollars. But it was 20 bucks on sale at the Kmart. its a wonderful addition to my Coffee Pot Collection Which has no drip pots. 

I will have to post pics of the other coffee pots i have. I have one in the camper that is similar to this one but I dont like it much. I guess its the color.Not to mention it takes forever to to boil water it in and get coffee from it.

Last night we had our monthly Trans meeting for us that are married. Apparently we are the only three couples that are trying to keep things together. I am sure there are other married transgenders here. However one, is not much at getting out for what ever reason I dont understand. A few others are way younger than we are. I guess we just like hanging out on occasion. We get to talk about stuff that really does affect us. There are things that affect us that is much different than what a single person transitioning goes through.Yes, we still have the same issues they do. However, the fact that we are married and in many cases we have children, some grown, some still raising their kids. This causes issues that no one in the normal transition support group has to deal with. 

So right now I am watching “my mother the car” on tv before my sudnay morning show comes on. Anyway i am about done with my ranting today. Not that i was ranting. And i think i may take a nap for a few minutes. Besides I need to get ready to go to the grocery. so the nap is on the rear burner of things to do.

Have A Great Day Folks

Love Candi

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