15 October Journal

Good Saturday Morning folks. ITs a foggy but wonderful day. I went to the doc yesterday. Things went well, he is so impressed at the changes that he almost didnt recognize me. HE also stated that i needed to see him or his office if I am under the weather. I told him of my urinary issue, he prescribed some anti-biotics. OMG now i am a chicken un fit for the grocery. Anyway, He upped my Spirolactone to two hundred mg a day. Thats 2 pills of Spiro a day and 2 pills of Estrodiol a day. 

Now some of you may wonder why hasn’s the Doc prescribed Progesterone. Well, its a fertility drug. it is a waste of money for women who have had a Hysterectomy, menopause, or transwomen. It really only helps the ovaries be more fertile and doesnt do much good to anyone in the list above. Itwill help a little on the breast development but the cost vs benefit isnt worth the issue. So thats where we stand on that. This Doctor loves to give you information that is factful and not a bunch of BS or no info at all. So I love going to him. 

I am currently on 4 mg Estrodiol, 200mg Spriolactone and 5mg Finestride. Everyone that has known me for any length of time is amazed at the changes. Especially if I show a picture of me from august 2015. Also here is some other facts; 23 May 2016 BP 140+/90+ Weight 220, Cholestoral immeasureable. 7 July, BP 120/95 weight 215, Cholestoral normal. 14 October, BP 105/75 weight 200, Waiting on blood work results. MY headaches are gone, I feel better, I have more energy and all in all never felt better in my life. YAYAY!!

Other news, nothing, absolutly nothing. Its Foggy and somewhat warm outside.I am watching westerns this morning, Mostly Track down, Have gun will travel, and I love Wagon train. About to fix me some breakfast and see about doing something besides pay bills. Every week is bill paying week it seems. But Since there isnt anything else to do but sit here and type that is what i am doing. Well I am hungry so I better end here so i can make my breakfast. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Love Candi

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  1. Wow… my exact dosages. At my last doctor visit, after reading over my lab results he asked “Is there anything else you need?” I said “Sure. Double my dosages.” He got a good laugh out of that. I think I was serous even though I’m aware of the health concerns. I’m old and in a hurry heehee.

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    1. candicejune says:

      Doc told me 6 mg estrogen is usually the highest they will go. A couple friends have been put on the Max dose of spiro. Because they have issues keeping the testosterone down. It’s rather dangerous from what I’ve been told. I hope i don’t need to go there.

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      1. He said i am right where he wants me so kept me on the same dosages. No change. My estrogen and T levels were what he wanted to see. E 154 and T 14.

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      2. candicejune says:

        I didn’t ask where i was. I’m sure he’s got a plan.


  2. georgiakevin says:

    i am absolugtely thrilled for you Candi

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