14 October journal

It’s Friday!! Good morning folks, well the week had only today to go. Then it’s two days of seeming freedom. Without the overtime the doing stuff idea is kinda not going to happen much. 

Now if only there was more money in my pocket lol. To much to spend and not enough of it to spend. I was looking at craft shows. The table fees are out rageous. 250 bucks, definatly a hobby that cannot support itself. That’s what has to happen with some hobbies, they need to support themselves at the bare minimum. Now if Mistress got back into making her Afghan making that might support itself. 

I do feel way better today for a couple reasons. One is I think there is finally closure between me and my ex. I should have talked more about this with Mistress but I was a tight clam shell that refused to be opened. Now that that is over I’m feeling better. Secondly, A piece of something from a tooth extraction finally came out. That made my mouth feel way better. Maybe that will help some issues as well. Though I’m going back to the dentist next week. Yuck, I’m get done with the dentist stuff and be complete in that next year at some point.  

I guess that’s it people’s. Nothing left to talk about. So i guess that’s the end of this post. Hope you all have a great day!


LOVE Candi

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