12 October journal

It’s humpday folks. I’ve not gotten the things done at home this week i intended. The last purge i hoped to have done by now. Maybe today i can get it done. Since i am not going in late like yesterday, maybe it can happen today. 

I’ve got to get back into my afternoon yoga workout routine again.  I know that’s good for a things, my body for one, and it’s good for clearing the mind. The body, well, it squeezes the toxins out of the muscles. In a day or two the body begins to feel better as well. In turn your whole being feels better. So I’ve really got to get back into it. How do i know this? Because I’ve done it for years and felt really good. Then it’s been a bit out of sync lately due to work and home stresses that i need help getting rid of. 

Those stresses need to go away. Only i can do that. It’s actually a mind over matter thing. If you don’t mind, it won’t matter. But I’m rather tired of feeling bummed out. Though i do feel quite a better today than i have in the last several weeks. Mistress seemed TTY feel better this morning when she got up. Though she did go back to bed. It was well before her wakey time, lol. 

HRT, well, i see the endo again this Friday. First time since July.  Maybe he will up my estrogen. My breasts are sore and obviously growing again. I do believe that i mentioned this, but, i have since dumped my breast forms a few weeks ago. About a month i think. Though I’m not as large as i want to be it was kinda difficult. They were kind of a security blanket. It took some getting used to, to not have those things crammed into a bra. But the fear of them falling out, or getting out of place during a softball game is no longer an issue. I did post that i got some new bras on sale. These do enhance what i have this far. It’s tough to hide the girls even in my work shirt these days. As time passes, it will become extremely evident that they are there. I am becoming confident more and more in my own skin and yet, don’t want to push major changes to those who see me daily. Mostly at work. But I’ve gotten wherei don’t really worry too about it anymore. I’ve had pink fingernails all week with no words said. But the operators aren’t in this week. I’ll go back to brown next week and get some more exposure on that. All in all things are going pretty good though. I can’t complain. Which is the best thing of all. 

Have a great day folks.


Love Candi

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