11 October journal

Good morning folks, i slept in today. Since we aren’t operating as normal i get to go in at 7. Though i was up at my normal time, i went back to bed. I feel better to go with that extra hour and a half of sleep. I’ve really been tired the last few weeks and don’t understand why. Since starting HRT, I’ve not been this tired. Maybe stress or I’m fighting off something. Whatever it is it needs to go to away. 

I did go to the support group meeting last night. It wasn’t to bad compared to the last time I had been there. The topic actually stayed in the forefront rather than being let go by the wayside. I did leave at the halfway point. Due to Mistress not feeling good, and my normal wake up time being so early, we left. Though everyone wanted us to stay. 

My brownies were a hit at work and the group meeting. There are none left. That’s good. Yay!

Well there isn’t much else to talk on. I’m a touch out of sync for getting up late. and need to finish getting ready. Have a great day every one, 


Love Candi

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