8 October journal

Good Saturday morning folks. It’s a bit brisk outside right now. I’m fighting the damn internet here at home. It just isn’t working. I was trying to get online with my tablet. It was working fine yesterday now nothing. I tell ya, Memphis has the worst infrastructure of anyplace I’ve ever seen. Things are barely maintained, and never upgraded. That includes buildings, roads, power delivery, cell towers, cable tv,  whole thing even the thought process of what is accepted. I go through this at work every single day. It really sucks. 

I woke myself up a couple times last night. seems i rolled over a certain way and my breast got, well, pinched in a sorts. Since they are back to being sore as they grow more, the extra size getsa bit in the way when rolling over in the bed. i suppose i better get used to that. I’ve been asked how big i want my boobs. I’m like well, they’ll be as big as they get i suppose. I’m not to worried about how big they will be. I have them and they are mine, home grown. If things go like i figure from my research, I’ll be at least a c cup. Maybe a bit bigger. But that isn’t what concerns me the most. I’m happy and being me is what means the most. the rest is just icing on the cake. 

The stress the last couple weeks has been nearly unbearable. I really need to get out of this funk. But it’s been kinda hard to do. I don’t know why this time I’m having trouble getting out of the funk. Guess I’m still out of sorts over telling my family. That really was the hardest thing to do. They really didn’t take it to well actually. I don’t know why I’m being so down about it. They never called me anyway. Unless they had something they wanted fixed or something bad like a death happens. So the silence shouldn’t be anything new. So why am i hurting? I ain’t got a clue. i just woke up this morning in a funk. Maybe i need to get laid or tied and beat lol. Really, there has been to much pop up that i have to process. 

Well I’ve got to get my house cleaned.  Get ready for lunch and just be me. Need to deal with the internet Problem. so i hope you all have a great day. 


Love Candi

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  1. It’s my nipples specifically. The breasts are bigger and firmer but the nipples (1) beg to be played with, and (2) hurt when touched wrong. C-cup or more, huh. Bitch.

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    1. candicejune says:

      Sorry dear, can’t help where they grow to. A friend had been on hrt for a year, she hasn’t grown in the breast department hardly at all. I’m on month four, and well, I’ve outgrown her already. Had to ditch the breast forms to. So i guess I’m a bitch. The Amazon Bitch from Texas lol.

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  2. warpedkitten says:

    Tied and beat….hmmmmm….I wonder who might be able to help with that…

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    1. candicejune says:

      Not to many people can handle taming this amazon bitch. Think you can? Lol


  3. warpedkitten says:

    I am willing to give it my best effort, think you can handle being tamed by lil’ ol’ me?

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  4. georgiakevin says:

    My heart goes out to you my dear!


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