7 October journal

Hello Americans, this is Candice.  It’s Friday, stand by for news! 

The weather is a touch cooler this morning than the last few. A nice change to the better i suppose. lots of reflecting going on here lately as well. And sitting out in the cool morning air is great. Mistress actually went to bed with me last night. And i don’t think she moved a muscle all night long. Everytime i got up to the restroom she was facing just like she was when we went to bed. She really needed some sleep. 

Secondly, the clown thing, my lord what are we doing to innocent things in the world? I’m sure the clown costumes will be banned soon. Kids of all ages, adults to, will be having to find something new to enjoy. It’s really sad, stop desecrating fun stuff people! 

It’s Friday like i said. A few hours and I’m off for the weekend. I can’t wait. Some rest and relaxation i think is what i need this weekend. Since the over time is completely gone, the funds aren’t there to do every fun thing i want to do. I suppose having money is always gonna be an issue for me. However here’s the deal, i got me a budget set up with some help a few months ago. I take what my weekly set aside is and put it aside into savings. I keep X amount in checking for groceries,  gasoline and play money. Though i know gas and groceries have to come first. I try like hell not to spend it all. But that’s just general life. 

I intended to make brownies yesterday. I did not have enough butter to make them so i had to hold off. I need to go to the grocery anyway, and pick my prescription up. So, it’ll just wait at least until today. I found a different recipe from what i made last week. The one did use was a bit to dry for my liking. So i searched out a different one. 

I guess that’s it for today folks. The world is ok. I cannot complain and life is good. Hope you all have a great day. 


LOVE Candi

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