5 October journal

Good morning folks it’s Wednesday. Another early morning for me. Three am after getting to bed late is really starting to suck. I am planning and hope to have it succeed, to come home and take a nap. Then also get into bed on time this evening. Hopefully that will take place. 

I have my therapist appointment this morning. I hate taking off but i do have to take care of myself and do what is needed to ensure that in on the right track. Which i already know i am. So other than for other reasons sometimes i think i don’t need a therapist. I tend to work through my issues pretty good i feel. But having that extra ear to make sure my condition is good works out. 

It’s really been a tough few days here in Candi land. I don’t wish to get to do into it. We’ve been having some issues here and dealing with them has been rather stressful. Have had to become resolved that i will accept the outcome regardless how it turns out. I cannot control it and i cannot let it keep me down. Not that i want to be or seem like an ass. I’m just not the depressive male person i once was. That person is pretty well all but gone. There happy, go lucky female self I’ve seen in my dreams is what’s available now. I don’t want drama, and cannot stay down in the dumps. Being in the dumps is not good for anyone, and no one needs to be there. I’m finally me and happy. Will come and go and I’ll accept it all. 

Anyway, I’m in good spirits and am really tired. Work still kinda sucks. And i still have to get to work. Which i need to get going. I hope that your day is great and wonderful. 


Love Candi

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  1. georgiakevin says:

    Candi i am absolutely thrilled for you!

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