4 October journal

Well folks, is Tuesday. I’m still in a fog. I cannot seem to get into bed on time. Seven pm is my bed time. It’s been nine or later before i can actually get laid down. I’ve just been to busy and stressed. 

I had to call the doctor yesterday. Get my estrogen refilled. I have enough to cover this week. But not through next week which is when my appointment is. My appointment was this Friday and it had to get moved per the doctor’s office on Thursday of last week. New that you’re all confused, welcome to my world. Lol

There really isn’t much to discuss today due to the fog of sleeplessness. I woke up at 315 this morning even after going to bed late. 

Sunday i was digging through some pictures. Let me tell ya, the changes in the last four months. I’ll have to puta couple pics up. Maybe on my pics page. I’ve really changed so much that I’m almost a totally different person. I hate to say, but in the last year I’ve changed dramatically. From looking like a fetish person to looking like a woman on a mission. I’ve actually become more comfortable with who and what i am. But much keeps me in the dumps. I’m actually happy for the first time in my life. I do believe there is some pain and heart ache to come. I’ll have to see how i deal with that. Will i stay or fall into a deep dark hole, or will i rise above the ashes and become a better person. The kind of person that enjoys life and is happy and won’t be in the destructive hole of misery. But let’s get off the subject of darkness. It’s time for light. 

Anyway I’ve got another busy work day. Which isn’t long enough to get the things done they want done on a daily basis. Especially since we’re not allowed any overtime. I hate working twelve hour days, but don’t mind 9-10. After that 10 hour day no one should have to work longer than that. But anyway it is what it is. And actually, I’ve got to get moving so i can get to work. 

So have a great day everyone. is Tuesday great!?

Love Candi

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