1 October journal

Good morning everyone, it’s Saturday, and welcome to October. The most spooktacular month of the year. It means to me, the death of this year and the it’s time to think on the new year and what not. Also, Christmas is just around the corner. Omg, where has this year went? Some parts would never go away and seemed to take forever, others flew by. 

My favorite channel changed up programming on Saturday morning. It looks as though I’ll get to watch the “our gang” comedies. Oh what a treat that is. Alphalpha and the gang doing what they do best, being kids. With no electronics, how about that?

Today is full of nothingness. I do need to go do a work related project. We are planning on going out this evening. Not 100% sure where. Or even how to dress, classy, sophisticated, elegant, down play to comfy or hill Billy, lol. 

Well I’ve got to get moving it’s gotten later than i intended. have a wonderful day folks.


Love Candi

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