30 September journal

Hello Americans, this is Candice. It’s Friday, and the last day of the month. Rent is due, payments on other things due as well. We’ll see how i do this month. Since the over time has been cut to zero. 

This month has been full of stress. It seems for more than just myself. I’ve come out to nearly everyone in my life about my transition. There are a few co workers that know nothing, and some that are figuring it out. With hair clips and facial feature changes, and breast growth, this is going to become obvious. Probably very soon, if it’s not already. Frankly, I’m not that worried about it. A lady today commented on my hair clips. I just owned it and said it was too keep the hair out of my face. Which it is. Then add that it and my cut off hair makes my face a touch on the fem side, or more, then guess what i don’t care. I enjoy what i see even if i have on no makeup and haven’t shaved since Wednesday evening. 

Well my coffee perculator is going out i think. The coffee isn’t as hot as it used to be and on some days, just tastes like dirty brown warm water. Yuck. I’d rather have cold coffee instead. It is about three years old. I’ve left it plugged in more than i should have. I think the temperature sensor in it is reading wrong. It doesn’t perc as long as it used to. So I’ll have to go searching for one or order it online. This Christmasi will have had it for three years. I guess that’s pretty good. It’s way cheaper than the gas station. So I gotta do that maybe this weekend. I hate drip coffee. 

Today like the others, there just isn’t enough of me or enough of time to do what i need to do. So i have to get busy. I don’t think my fellow employee is doing his share. I cannot prove it and he cannot prove he’s doing it either. So we need to have a heart to heart. 

That’s it for today, unless i come up with something else later. Have a great Friday everyone. 


LOVE Candi

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  1. Keurig. One cup at a time, fresh and hot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. candicejune says:

      Yup, at 4 dollars a cup. Lol. Last i checked anyway. I spend about 4 bucks a can and it lasts a week and half. Lol gotta have my chock full of nuts.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry. I like the freshness. In the past I’d make a big old pot and let it sit there drinking a cup at a time until it turned into sludge heehee. But I understand.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. candicejune says:

        Mine doesn’t turn to sludge. I drink it ask in an hour or two. If i don’t yah it goes to waste


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