26 September journal

Good morning folks, it’s Monday. And let me tell ya, it got here way to fast. Gosh, this girl needs some rest. Yesterday was busy and by the timei got home and got my laundry washer and in the dryer well, it was two hours past bed time. 4 am came to soon and being at work isnt in my list of wants.

 Shopping and brunch and more shopping. I swear i should have stopped and rested. After the stressful Saturday, and the early getting up yesterday, i just did to much. I did come home with 4 new bras that fit me and my natural self. that’s pretty cool right now in my book. Though, that will be as mundane as anything else given time. Fur right now I’m going to enjoy it. Probably will then to.

 Anyways, it’s been a bright future since Saturday. Anything negative could happen, i understand that. But, the weight of hiding is gone. I was Ma’am’d so much yesterday thati was in heaven. Even a fellow, that based on his phone conversation is not very friendly, however, he said excuse me Ma’am in the kmart check out line.

Well as I’ve started this post, earlier the wind started up and now the cooler air is finally coming in. The wonderful smells of autumn are finally hitting the mid South. That means no more melted make up running down my face. Wearing leggings and boots, wearing jackets to make the ensemble complete and add some flair. And it means the holidays. Maybe this year I won’t dead the holidays as much. 

Well people, it’s time to get busy doing other work that needs done. Hope the day is great. 


LOVE Candi

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