The call

Well folks, the came, my tears came and then we were done.. They cannot wrap their heads  around this. But it wasn’t a total loss. I was not told not to come around, yet, i wasn’t told i could. I did remind them of the childhood issue dad caught me with. That seemed to help. It didn’t help the fact that I waites until i was in my forties to say anything. I told them i felt i had to fit into the box of normalcy to fit in. I felt i wouldn’t be accepted ever. All he ever said in this was he can’t get close to this. But it wasn’t something negative to me other than the wait. the rest of it i took charge of. I wasn’t intimidated by the intimidating tone he started off with and basically kept. Hoping i would back down. However, i come away thinking they have known for a good while. To me after some hours of thought, i think they wanted me to back down, or hold my ground. Something being the hold my ground more the case and i did. He did state that i would be held with the telling of my silblings. And that my friends was the icing on the cake. 

The telling of my siblings went great. My sister was not at all shocked. She knew and has for years due to my ex. Ok well that was nice but, we had the chat and by the end she was friending me on Facebook. And all seems good just need time for them to process it all. That’s fine, take all the time you need. 

My brother, well he was accepting, yet confused. I do Believe my ex told him also. But he needs time to chew on the big steak i just shoved in his mouth. That’s what he said. Gonna take some some time to get it swallowed but he’s OK with it. 

So all in all, my stress is gone. And now it wagons ho. I and we can move forward. Yay!

So that’s the story folks, is not the best but surely not the worst. It’s acceptable. To the movie were watching, 


Love Candi

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  1. YAYYYYYYY! I wish I could give you a big hug jump up and down! I am so happy for you. Big sigh of relief, huh

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    1. candicejune says:

      Yes and a peaceful nights sleep happened as well. Thanks a bunch

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  2. Cinn says:

    When my sister told my parents, it took my dad a long time to come around… Like maybe a year… All I remember is everyone being in the living room…. The guys were all watching football. My dad looked at my sister and said basically you’re still my child, and I love you.
    I bawled my eyes out

    People who truly love you will stay. Others will go… But that only makes room for more who do love you ❤️💋

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    1. candicejune says:

      Thanks Cinn. I’ve heard that from a few others like myself. Yes there’s always more room.

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