24 September Journal

Good Saturday Morning Folks. Well its the weekend and we are going to get pedicures this morning. Then, well, the phone call from my Folks. I am pretty stressed out now. I was doing pretty good after i found they got the letter. However, the last couple days has been full of anxiety and stress. Filling the thoughts with what they will or will not ask. How to answer them, what to say and what to expect. Now I know what to expect in the end of todays call. Refusal of coming home for the holidays. But, we decided last year that we are staying home this year for all the holidays. We will not be traveling back to Texas this year. This was well before the final decision to transition. It was because we were all but ignored while down there the last time we were there. so that promoted a discussion between us on the way home to Memphis. We decided to stay our happy butts at home this year. If you wanna see us, well, you come to us for a change. All we’ve ever done is travel for every single holiday every single year. Are staying home. Besides all the driving to get there and back 16 hours. The driving to and from everyone’s houses for two families, 10-20 hours. That’s alot of sitting in a car. Then when we do get home, we’re done. We need another week to relax or backs, minds and bodies just from a single 2 or 3 day trip. It’s just become not worth the trouble. Especially to spend all that time to get there, fuel costs and all, just to be ignored. I say screw that. Maybe it’s the estrogen talking or the estrogen allowing me to get it out. Either way I’ve been a bit fed up. So screw it. 

I’m coming out, oh wait, i did that, I’m gonna say what i need to say on our call or what ever happens. I’ve already become resolved to the fact of what will happen. I expect the worse, hope for the best. If i expect nothing i won’t be decieved. 

Anyhow, the stress the last few days have been giving me a headache. Similar but not as bad as the ones prior to HRT. So I’m ready to get this day completed in a sense. End this stress related crap and get on living again.

So we’re at the nail salon. I’ve been done and now drying. I only get a pedicure, because a manicure for a mechanic is really a waste of money. I picked the base color. Askes if i want design, i say yes you decide. She as always does a wonderful job. I’ve never gotten a bad pedicure here ever. Over a year and as a male then in between and to full blown transistioning, I’ve never had a foul word or look from any of workers or even patrons. I really love this place. Yes, I still get called sir. Except today, it was you, no pronouns. So i can’t complain.

So i end this rambling post with my Pedi pic. Mistress isn’t done yet and i will do one on hers later. 


Love Candi

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  1. loveonastick says:

    Great nails!!! Good luck with your call, I hope your parents react with joy xxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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