Serious thoughts

As i contemplate the discussion tomorrow, i find the following in doing more research;

Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary’s definitions of male and female. According to the definition, female is defined as “designating or of the sex that produces ova and bears offspring: opposed to male.”

If we go based on this premise, a woman naturally born, who cannot bear childre  or a woman who has had a hyterectomy and or reached menopause is no longer a woman. Or is she? Is she less a female than anyother female in the world? No not really. 

A male-to-female transgender person who has changed everything into a female was determined as a male just because she does not produce ova and bear offspring? 

I found this and remembered that we discussed this in the support group. 

Does this make any sense to anyone else or is it a lost cause to bring this up? I’m will be placing it on my paper to guide me through the discussion tomorrow. Either way i am not not too worried about how it goes. I hopefor the best and expect the worse. 


Love Candi

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