Fashion Woes

Well Folks I wish I could get a Picture. One of the ladies in the front office came in late due to work things that took her out for the morning. I went up front at almost time to get off. When I saw her outfit almost flooded my basement. It was a white and black trimmed business suit. I loved it. SHe wore it well and i was jealous as hell. 

It was a jacket of white material as the base color. Then black piping and Black pocket flaps. With her black undershirt. It was absolutely stunning. Then add the glod necklace, that was Saphire infused and i was in love. 

This lady is typically always well dressed even in a slacker clothes. A couple weeks ago, she had some jeans rolled up with the hottest cute shoes. I commented on that and we chatted on it a bit. No she doesnt dress slutty just very classy for a business lady.

wElp Thats it folks. 

Have a great afternoon.


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