22 September journal

Good morning folks it’s Thursday. Yay, it’s almost the weekend. Two more days. 

Thought we were going to pride events. That has changed. My folks got the letter i sent. That piece of stress is over. However, the text I received, started they would call on Sunday at a certain time. Another text a few hours later States to change that to Saturday afternoon.. That ruined the plans of going to the pride parade. What a bummer. I think the family is being brought in to have a conference call. This is going to be the toughest part of all the transistion things to deal with. I do believe that i know what to expect, however it can change. My brother in law is a serious gotta be in the box ex Marine. Has beaten people and still wants to beat people that are gay. Though I’m not “gay” this is not going to fly at all with him. My folks are that way almost as well. Though they won’t pick a physical fight. We will see what happens. And i don’t expect anything but the worse. I always have. 

Yesterday, i came home from work early. I been fighting a bladder issue. Then i started aching everywhere. I stopped and got the stuff Mistress said to get. I came home took the stuff and soaked in the bath. Then i laid on the couch and slept on and off all day. Then all night i slept until 315. But in that, I have seen every hour on the clock. I’ve gotten up every hour to go to the restroom. So I’m up writing my post early today. Yippy!  Don’t ask why, because i don’t know. 

Well, the world is turning and it’s now after 4 am. I need to get my tush into gear, put on my work clothes and go to work. Hoping you all have a great. 


LOVE Candi

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  1. georgiakevin says:

    My heart truly goes out to you dear one, sending you warm fuzzy hope everything goes well thoughts.

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  2. If it goes as my experience would indicate, you will have a very hard time convincing them you’re not gay. That seems to be the go-to attitude about trans. It is difficult for CIS folk to understand.

    I will be praying for you, my friend. You’ll need all the psychic help you can get. Stay strong. You are following your heart. They will try to talk you out of it. They won’t succeed.

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    1. candicejune says:

      A local friend said they will try to talk me out of it. Sadly for them, it’s too late. The gay part, well, i guess so, I’m a lesbian. Lol.


    2. candicejune says:

      By the way how are you doing?

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      1. I still haven’t gotten out beyond dressing and driving around town in my car. I pulled into a restaurant parking lot and sat there, but the large crowd just caused me too much angst.

        I will. I want to. I haven’t bought any new boy clothes LOL. But still gathering my courage.

        Thanks for asking.

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      2. candicejune says:

        You’re welcome, i am concerned about those i know.


      3. candicejune says:

        I really do hate large crowds my self. But I’m gettong over that some. Partly because bad things happen in large crowds

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