17 & 18 September journal

Good morning everyone, it’s Saturday. I’m at the car dealer to get the oil changed in Mistress’ car. Going to be telling them again what the damn thing is still doing. I know also exactly what it’s doing so the description is going to be much better. Maybe it’ll get reprogrammed. I don’t want to go into detail about it right this minute. It’s rather lengthy. 

Well we stayed home last night. We did grab a quick dinner while we were out to get the part i needed for my motor bike. Then we watched a movie on the television. I managed to finish the movie and then off to bed i went. Not really sure what we are going to do today. There isa couple festivals we talked about going to. But we are not sure that’s what we wanna do yet. 

Sunday, We are going to look for some stuff today. Its about 1130 here now. I have to say this, the festival we attended yesterday was rather nice but not as we are accustomed to. As usual it was so full of people you really couldnt look at what you wanted to. The place mostly full of artwork that, aside from a few items, was of no interest to me. 

I have grown rather self conscience of my breasts. The forms make them to big and with out them to small. I either need new ones or enhancers or just get over the “nakedness” of a push-up bra. tThose damn forms have been kind of a security blanket so to speak. As much of a hassle in the summer of this year they have been, from sweating in ball games, to one or the other trying to fall out or become moved during the said ball games, to hiding the edges of them and having to have bra’s that fully contain them, and being a size of bra that is actually to large for me so i can wear them, they are just a hassle in everyway including the embarrassing moment of one or both falling out. I cannot say any of them have fallen out. Though i can say that one always came dislodged when i through the softball from outfield to infield. The glue gave a rash so i didnt use it very often, and it was a tough thing to get off. Now I have the issue that Since i have become “fuller” in my own tissue, the silly forms dont quite fit and look right. All this said, i suppose i need to be the “Natural” me. Put on my big girl panties and bra and own it. Its another change in the forward direction of being me. We went to the grocery earlier, I had the forms in and my hair was wet. I got a couple looks, and the forms i had to hide. I am thinking that that is the issue lately about my looks. Oh well, enough rambling on that issue.

We are watching the “The Monkees” it happens to be the fiftieth anniversary of them as well as the Star Trek Series. Its been nice to see and hear the fan fair of those old shows. its hard to believe that they been around that long. wow folks time sure dont stop for anything does it?

Well I’m ending here, things to do, no time to do them. 


Love Candi

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