HRT update

HRT, almost four months now. The physical changes are there. The mental changes, well, i am no physiologist, but I’m much happier. With the exception of work being stupid. Though that’s a normal thing anyplace these days.  

Facial features are changing more fem looking than before yet, still have this nasty old beard i have to keep shaving. The beard issue is a laser/electrolysis thing hopefully for next calendar year. that stuff is expensive. Bummer….

The rest of the body, well i lost about four inches on my waist. My hips have not changed per my measurements. My under bust chest measurement has gone down about an inch, while the breast measured larger by about 1-2 inches. There is noticeable breast tissue growing when I see myself in the mirror. That’s not just shirtless either. Today, i have on my thin unpadded bra. As i walked to change clothes at work wearing a T-shirt, i could visibly see that the breasts are noticeably showing. Used to be i only saw that when wearing my light padded bra when wearing this particular T-shirt. The shirt is not tight, and is a rather loose fitting guy shirt i wear at times. 

So as things progress, it’s becoming apparent that, it will not be too long before I will not be able to hide what is happening.  

That’s it for this round of updates. Have a wonderful day everyone.


Love Candi

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