16 September journal

Good Friday morning everyone. Hope this day finds that things will be super towards everyone. I’m worn out still and am ready fora few days off. Even though the is no operators today, i still have to go to work. we have plenty to try and get caught up on. 

I’ve been writing on my journey to where I’m at. A word document, of ramblong and tambling. Looking at my life and why or how I’ve gotten to the place I’m at. The trials and tribulations among other things. The letter I’ve written to my folks is going into the early morning mail box. Hopefully to arrive to them by Monday. It’s my coming out letter. The family things to happen from that point I’m mentally prepared for. Ridicule, abandonment, and silence. I’ve been there before. Truth be told, I’m there now. I don’t hear much, if anything from my parents or siblings. My daughter is the only one who really talks to me. It seems she is getting her life in order. Taking care of her son and having a job, and trying to finish school. Since I came to her about myself we’ve been talking lots more. That’s been a great thing. At least i think so. Yay!

Well folks, i do need to get working. I’m still sitting on the couch. Trying to not get to work to early today. but I’m an early morning type of person. It’s one of the best times of day. Well have great day everyone. 


Love Candi

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  1. Fingers crossed, doll. My family completely dropped me. Radio silence. I put this off for decades for them and that was my reward. So i’m pulling for you, darling. For a change i’d love to see a happy ending.

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    1. candicejune says:

      Thanks darling. I expect it to go bad


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