15 September journal. 

Welcome to Thursday folks, another day closer to the weekend. Yippy!!!!

I became privy to some info yesterday, that has me rather bummed out. It seems that the employee i have went to HR over several things. Lunch breaks, and having to clean the restroom being the primary issues i was told about. The lunch issue is dealt with. We are forced to take lunch among the eight hours we work. Making is here for 9. Anyway, the restroom issue is totally different. I never had a cleanliness issue in the restroom prior to this guy being employed. I mean there is grease and dirt on all the walls, doors and who knows what. It’s everywhere. I am for one not the maid of the shop. You make a mess, you clean it. With that said, i cleaned the restroom, and washed the walls and doors in our room where the restroom is. I am today going to clean some other places that this fellow has nastied up andake sure he knows that any more hand prints, and such will not be cleaned by me. Well, unless i make the mess. The men’s restroom was so bad that took to the womens room to change clothes in the evenings. I’ve also mopped up the floor in the men’s room to. Now I’ve still got some cleaning to do. But it’s going to get done. 

The next thing is my personal pitty party. I don’t know why I’m distraught over my self. I never had any friends for say. People i knew who i hung out with. Aside from my wife who’s been the only true constant in my life this far, friends are something that usually never came along. That’s really a once in a lifetime thing. I’ve had lots of issues trusting people. Much of that from my first wife and suppose to be best friend. Since then I’ve been nothing but trouble when it come to trusting. I’m still learning to trust myself again for that matter. The walls I’ve built over the years due to trust, hiding and attempting not to be what I am, are thick and tall. I’ve been breaking them down but it’s a tough thing to do. They are easy to erect, but really tough to tear down. 

I think I’ve rambled enough for today. The work day awaits, and I’ve already done more this morning than most people will do all day long. But that’s me work and work. 

Have a great day everyone, i hope it’s good for all of ya.


Love Candi

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  1. I’ve never had friends either. I always knew i was different, even before i knew why. I guess i just put out a ‘stay-away’ vibe. I wonder if this is a trans thing.

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    1. candicejune says:

      funny i was thinking the same thing about it being a trans thing. worth pondering on i suppose.


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