Leather working

I’ve the vast history of myself, I’ve spent much time working with my hands in things that require much dexterity. Being a mechanic by trade, I’ve learned to be a contortionist, and an engineer, and all kinds crazy things. I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on tools to do my work. I’ve also a working machine shop to build hard to find or non-existant parts. Though the machines are currently in storage. I miss being able to do that on the side to keep my mind sane. I as youngster growing up used to make leather beaded key chains. Many times attaching them to my boots also. We sold them for like two bucks depending on the style of the thing. I still have a few left and made some more just a few years ago. 

Anyway, I’ve gotten into doing some of it more here and there since moving to Tennessee. I’ve really got a collection of things in the tool department for that as well. It’s quite fun and relaxing in doing for me. since we moved last year to a nicer place, got involved in some other stuff and what not, my hobby kinda fell to the way side. 

In the thinking process, why should i reinvent my wheel? Go back and back on that stuff. Make it fun and enjoy it. A way to market it, without report after report, and the like. Time is money, yet we place to much value in ourselves and sometimes think or time is worth more than it is causing the price of goods to be over wjat the goods are actually worth. automation is what has kept many things at a lower cost than what would be if it were still done by hand. 

Just think, if you had to make your own clothes from start to finished product. Weavong the fabric, then cutting the fabric, storing it and sewing it,  and wearing it. The cost of your clothong would be extremely high. Think about a leather garment from scratch. That starts from having the animal. And what not, knowing you have that animal for a certain amount of time for food and other uses. This is really going back a good while. Its a hell of commitment to make your own clothes. Or anything else for that matter. 

Example, i cannot find what i want in a laptop bag. So I’ll probably make the silly thing myself. The leather will cost about 10-20 dollars by itself. Lacing and snaps or buckles about five bucks. So twenty five bucks and there’s a simple case to carry the laptop. What aboit assembly? All by hand, cut and sewn, roughly two days worth in the evenings totalling about 2-6 hours. That’s on the simple side. Don’t think about carving designs and other decorations. Or adding a pocket or two to the exterior. So all told, twenty five in parts to make the thing, 4 hours of work at say twenty bucks an hour, thats a 105 dollar price on the  simple leather laptop bag. 

What are we willing to pay items? Knowing a machine built it, a person designed it? I have no idea but do know i dont get extremely upset at hand crafted things. I do get upset at machine built items being the same price as the hand crafted item. Especially when there are ten exact items on the shelf. 

Well i got some thining to do. 


Love Candi

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