13 September journal

Good morning folks, it’s 415 am. Not much in my head to chat about really today. I do have a couple little things. 

One, yesterday i was informed that we are to cut out our overtime at work. That isa good thing in one way, and kinda bad in others. I get to rest, which is something i really need. Two problems arise. I get a pay cut which means things are gonna get tight here again. Yet we have part two, there aren’t enough people hired in our region to get the work done. So that puts us back to why we’re in overtime to begin with. I’ve heard in the past that we were being punished, for not getting the work done, by cuttong our overtime. Thats really silly. In some cases the OT is abused. I am sure it is. However, 12+ hours a day is just to much for anyone. Safety and quality drop off after about 9-10 hours. Not to mention what it does to the human body. I’ve stated to my boss, that i really hate 12 hour days. I dont mind workibg it on occasion, but week after week is just to much. Anyway, i am glaf to see us cutting it down. How much is not yet been discussed. 

Two, I’ve been looking into the writing thing pretty hard. However, i got to thinking about medical insurance. I will be needing that, so i am wondering about  if i should stay or quit if things go correctly. Insurance is already costly. It’s about $800 a month now if i remember correctly. That’s through my job. With all the hate and saying this and that about transgender people, i don’t know if my HRT will be covered by the “obama care” crap. So with that, at this time anyway, i may only get a part time gig writing. Bring in some extra funds that way. Now where to start. Blog content, and a host of other thibgs to get started with. I dont wanna do it for free. Hell, i do that writing for free here in my own blog. So,with some research and guidance, I will gett there. Maybe I’ll have the funds to do what i need and want to do.  Luckily, most writing can be done remotely. And with my new tablet, I have the means to do so much easier. I do like to write write. Thats part of the reason behind this blog of random journal writings and such not that is posted here in. 

Well folks, its about time to end this silly post today. I’ve got many other things happening and have to try and get them done. have a great day!


Love Candi

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