12 September journal

Good morning everyone, it’s Monday. Oh the weekend wasn’t long enough. We stayed busy all weekend. Though it wasn’t stressful or strenuous, it was just busy. 

I had bit of shopping to do yesterday. What has been the greatest part of it all, was everyone said ma’am to me. I’m not going to question it, just enjoying it. 

I am still seriously considering the career change. I hada short discussion with a friend who feels the same as i do. As we transition and our thoughts of work change, we don’t like to be stuck in the field we’re in. I guess it could be the fact that it’s a reminder of our male self. But I’m betting we’ll get through it. I hate that if i change jobs i may have to take a pay cut. So i don’t want to. Though physically I’m getting to where i cannot perform some tasks like i could before. Hence the reason I’m looking for something else. 

Anyway it’s beena crazy morning here at work. Operators have left their units not turned off properly. That means all morning had been jump start after jump start. If they are late, it’s really not my fault today. 

Alrighty folks, i better get busy doing something besides complaining. Though I’m in a fairly decent mood for not wanting to be here. I hope you all havea great day. 


Love Candi

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