10 September Journal

Good Saturday Morning folks, I am not at work, Yippppy !!

OK so I had this post almost written and then got up to to potty and refresh my coffee cup. The tablet Timed out and all my post got deleted. I Am So Fucking Pissed at that. All my thoughts and words are gone a whole hours worth of writing. My phone doesnt do this crap. Oh Well i will get over it.

Mistress and i have a hair dresser appointment today. I need a trim to even up my hair. The left side is considerably longer than the right. Mistress has been looking for a hairdresser as well. No one seems to know how to cut her kinky curly hair. It has always been done incorrectly according to her. I really hate going to a hair dresser for that reason. Not to mention that i have cut my own flat top haircut for over 20 years. So having hair of any length is really new to me. The place was recommended as trans friendly and i booked it for 200 and hers is 230  today. yay!

We have lots to do today, rest is top priority. By the time we get a couple things done and do the hair appointments, we have a couple parties this afternoon and evening. Wow a busy couple of ladies here today. My make-up shopping may have to wait until tomorrow.

I had several other things i wrote on this morning as well. However, they are unimportant actually just random ranting about stupid crap. Then now as i think about what i had written, I wonder if i can make a living as some kind of journalist. Writing for whom ever about what ever. I am old enough and wise enough to write on just about anything. I am not a truly biased on most items, though i am on others. I do try and look at everything on a circle to give a true concept of what could be the reality vs the fear and fiction. I may look into that. Hell I write on something everyday here. I may as well get paid to write and see what happens. I would also like to stay closer to home on my writing as we need true accounting of what is important here locally and not stuff clear on the otherside of the world. 

Well folks I have one last thing i would like to mention. I have a couple people that have been a close set of friends. They have their own issues they are sealing with which is sad, but I do miss them terribly. Its rather sad that I have not heard much from or about them in a good while now. I wish them peace and wellness in the times ahead. I Hope to hear from one of them sometime soon. 

Now its time for me to get moving and get ready to take care of the things I need to do for the day. Have a wonderful day everyone.


Love Candi

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  1. Writing my smutty fiction provides me a little play money each month. No trips to Europe, but it’s satisfying people are reading me.

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    1. candicejune says:

      Yeah I’m looking at some of that. However, being not legally Candice yet may be an issue.

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      1. Not at all, sweetie. Pen names are perfectly acceptable. Only sign contracts with your own name… author names are completely different. As long as royalty checks are written to the legal name you’re golden. Not one of my author friends write under their names… don’t want friends and family to know what kind of stuff we’re publishing LOL.

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      2. candicejune says:

        Soxhow do I deal with the legal name change in the future? Hum, i think we need to email and chat on this.

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      3. Well I only self-publish on Amazon. I had to provide my name, a bank account routing, an IRS thingy which is my SSN. After that, I can publish in any name. Multiple names. But they pay to the name and account you gave when setting up your Amazon account.

        When you change your name, just notify them of the change and make sure the accounts match and the money will continue to roll in.

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