9 September journal

Good morning folks, it’s Friday! Stand by for who knows what I’m gonna talk about. 

I left work early yesterday to go with Mistress to the doctor about the heart issues. they have changed one of her meds to help with her extreme fatigue. I hope it works. Because she has done nothing but sleep since she has been on the old one. it’s been rather irritating to have her not want to do anything. And then, when she does want to, she is worn out so fast that we never really finish what we started. 

Well trouble at work has begun. My employee aske to have the rest of the day off due to person relationship trouble. I said go. But the other party came to work and busted out the of the employees car. So that’s gotta be dealt with in clean up. Then ill be the lone rangerette the rest of the day. 

I did recieve a message last night from a person to help me with the second life thing. Though most of my electronics are Android i dont think I’ll be able to get on the site. It’s something I’ve been looking into for a couple years, its not been a forefront thing. I do appreciate the email about it. Soon as i can sit long enough on my new laptop I’ll see if it will work. i really do thank you for the email and information. 

Any who, since i am having to work alone today, i best get my happy tush in gear. I’ve got lots to do and no darn time to do it. 

Have a great day


Love Candi

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