8 September journal

Good morning folks, it’s Thursday. Yay!!!!

As i get up each morning and after getting ready for work, i do something I’ll never stop doing. That is to kiss my angel bye for the day. Two kisses every morning and a brush of her hair. it’s always someplace on her face. Usually what ever is exposed from under the covers. Sometimes she knows that i did, mostly she doesn’t. Then i head out the door. Daily weekday or work day ritual. Unless we were apart, I’ve done this every day for thirteen years. I miss doing it when we are apart. Just one of my daily things to say i love you. 

I went to bed early yesterday evening. Actually it was technically almost on time. It was 730 pm. I still don’t feel rested today. My feet hurt and my body is just getting worn down, along with my mind. Something has got to change and soon. 

I felt a bit more feminine yesterday and today even more so. I do now feel more like my happy self even though I’m flat worn out. i spent some time watching a couple of videos on makeup last evening.  I have a couple things i need to learn on. one of those is eyes, the other is contouring. Contouring and highlighting is not something I’ve done, ever. I’m pretty good at my Makeup, though on certain events, i could use a much better look. Not so much for the picking up of a significant other, because i have one, but to be more stunning in those special occasions. We don’t go out to bars much. We do have one we like to go to on occasion. But we rather go to eat and take in a movie. It’s much simpler and easier. Also it’s more enjoyable to us. The other thing i need to really learn, hit to do my hair in a ponytail. As my hair has grown in length, the tangles it gets while on my motor bike and just doing my job is getting a bit unruly. To pull it up intoa fem ponytail will keep my neck cooler and help with other things on the work side, such as keep my hair out of the way, ot of grease and oil and affirm my identity. It isn’t quite long enough to easily put it up like that on my own though. Mistress says it is. But, at 4 am, it’s a bit tough to learn it. I really should learn how after my shower. 

I have ran out of things to talk about. Mostly because it’s the same old boring stuff and it’s gotten rather old to discuss. it’s all about work lately and that’s not much to discuss. Why? Because it’s not fun. 

Well, I’ve got to get to work and be busy. Way to much to do and so not enough time to get it done. 


Love Candi

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  1. That’s a sweet ritual. Moving.

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