6 September journal

Good tuesday morning folks. It’s almost five am. I really don’t want to be at work. I’ve still got my cough that just won’t go away. I do think it’s getting better though. 

On the transition front, I’ve finished my letter to my folks. It’s been a tough thing to write. Much info, not enough, then to long, to short, and finally after i think four attempts, in as many months i got an approval from Mistress on that thing. With that comes the issue of sending it out to my folks. Also this weekend, I’ve been feeling rather boyish. I am not looking that feeling. Having been sick and all, then being called sir, sure hasn’t helped. I am still working on my voice. I’ve got to find that spot of tone that fits. Sometimes I’m too high, sometimes I’m too low. But I’ll get it down sooner or later. Mistress told mea couple weeks agoi need to work on it. So that’s been kinda fore front. Except while I am at work. maybe that’s why i am failing at that. Who knows really. 

Yesterday, we went to the grocery. Boy that place was packed with customers. We were late getting going. But anyway, we made it through it. I was still apprehensive about being out. Then the checker lady called me Ma’am, that made me feel lots better. I’m thinking my issues might be the medicine i was on. The last time i was on this medicine it messed me up. this time i guess is no different. I just wasn’t all crabby as hell like before. 

Well folks, i need to get busy doing the things I need to do. Work has to pay bills. 

Love Candi

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