4 Sept Journal

Well Folks Its sunday. Yes the weekend is nearly over. We do have an extra day to enjoy. We are about 2 hours from home and I am awake this morning as usual before the sun. I have waited to start writing this post today so i could see the keyboard on my new tablet. Its one of those two in one things and i am kinda loving it.The post is easier to write and I can carry it around. One program i want will not work on this thing as the tablet is android based rather than wndows based. I still need to get an SD card for photo storage and such. But i will get one and enjoy the loveliness of this wonerful new toy.

Today we are heading back to the house. I have to get the yard mowed, and we need to clean inside the house some too. Yesterday we went to Discovery Park in Union City TN. It was to me like a mini smithsonian. THough I never been to the smithsonian and may never get to in my life. Nashville is as close to DC that ive ever been. I was enfem as usual. Not a bit of trouble, though i am still, even now, aprehensive about using the restroom, I survived. The Whole day was a blast. The only issue i really had was at dinner. We went to a buffet place and i caught the fact i was being stared at. Maybe I am being to sensitive, Mistress did not notice, but i saw what felt like the whole resturaunt looking at me. I dont normally feel this way, and the one or two that look usually wont bother me. But, Last evening the stares seemed way more than normal. Mistress said “Get over it”. Like i told her, I usually dont mind. But dinner was a bummer in a sort of way. Even though it wasnt the whole place, it sure felt like it because it was more than normal to me. I have been sick and may be just over thinking. Usually i notice the one or two folks and blow it off. LASt night i couldnt blow it off for some reason. Anyway, The waitress was a doll. Ladies and Ma’am was her words to us all the time. Not forced out either, just natural as she pleased. On our way out she said “thanks Ladies Come back and see me”. That was great adn made the dinner such a wonderful experience even with the self conscience issues i had.

So after the day of visiting and sight seeing, I have come to the conclusion that the breast forms have got to go away. I had mentioned the desire for this a month or so ago. However, The sweat between me and the forms, along with the increase in breast size naturally has made them all but unbearable. Its still a bit warm out and walking around in the out of doors is slimy when the forms are in. So, walmart was found and bra searching we went. Mistress said she needed some New bras, so I looked as well. I found a cute a pink push up bra. MIstress got what shee needed. We left, I tried mine on after my shower and what do ya know, Candi has real cleavage. LOL wow i dont have to worry about hiding the forms behind a “full Coverage” Bra. I really didnt think i had enough tissue to fill out and look decent in a push up. So today I am going to attempt the “push up” while out with no forms. This could go a long ways to my own confidence. On less thing that i have to hide, breast forms, YAY!!!!!! That will make me happy as hell.

Ok now a few pics of the Discovery Park Enjoy;

AS you walk in this is how you are greeted

Then Having nver been to a museum like this before I was in AWE

Then we found the old cars There are more than i am posting;

Its rather obvious that the place has plenty to see. We blew through it rather fast and I sure wanted t do more than what i did. But we are planning on bringing my Daughter and grandson up here when they come visit hopefully at thanksgiving. 

Lastly, I have written an entire post on my new tablet. It was a great experince as well. I love it. Typing on a real keyboard is a wonderful thing. I like my phone but love to have a keyboard available when I write a post or anything lengthy. We dont know what today is going to hold for us. We have to decide what we wanna do to get home, go through missouri arkansas and kentucky or just go straight home. We really need to just go straight home. I need to find what Mistress wants to do as this is her trip too. Its been a fun time so far i want to keep it that way!

Have a great day folks


Love Candi

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