So as i sit here, waitibg and frustrated, i just get madder tham hell. A new machine for a job that used to only take an hour max, now takes longer. But its better. Why? Because its been digitized. So now if the t and i arent crossed anddotted a cetsin way you will not finish the job. 

So i wait, and i think about the changes I’ve seen in this industry in thirty years of working in it. What used to be a simple mechanical function, like going potty, now has to have a computer attached to it. Sensors and wires monitor everything. Even controling things and turning stuff off if even the slightest nuance is off. More and more control it seems over the most simplistic of things. I’m not totally against some things. It just seems that now we got more time learn how to do stuff and less time to do it. Before all this electronic stuff dictated the operation of simple functions, i think we had more pride in what we did. We knew how to do things. Today, well, if its not in a computer we cannot do it. 

Well i hate to see most of the world if an EMP happened. They would all be lost. No phone, no gps, no radio, no car, lights or anything. People will have to relearn how to do anything manually again. 
Yuck on techno stuff. 


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