28-29 August journal

Well folks, it’s Sunday. I went to the doctor yesterday. Guess I’m sick being he gave a prescription for stuff to clear this up. 

Now it’s Monday, life stinks, i really need some positive vibes to come this way. This constant bad luck at work is really getting old. i even got called in yesterday due to a down unit i had to deal with. I cannot even stay in bed and get over this cold or what ever it is. with laundry on Sundays and the normal Sunday routine, it’s tough to get any rest. That’s where I’m becoming negative. It’s getting really really old. 

Well good news now. The unit i worked on yesterday got fixed just now. Yee haw!!  Now back to other projects. 

Have a great day everyone!


LOVE Candi

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  1. Good news, bad news, good news. No wonder you’re exhausted!

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    1. candicejune says:

      Yeah how do i get better in this work rollercoaster? Maybe i should just work for myself again. Lol

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