25 August journal

Good morning folks, it’s Thursday. The heat returned yesterday. Making for a long day. I did manage to get outa few minutes early. Getting home before six yesterday evening. That was great. Though it still left no time for much of anything. A simple dinner of sandwiches and then to bed. It was 330 when i woke up this morning. I told my boss that I’m not sure how long i can keep up this long hours stuff. Its wearing me down. 

This morning, my clothes seem to feel different on my skin. I can’t say if it’s good or bad. Not sure if it’s skin changing or the atmosphere. None the less they feel different. I am guessing it’s time for some photos for the transition book. I have not taken any in a month or better. I’m sure there are plenty of changes to look at. I also need to take body measurements. Haven’t done that lately either. It makes no never mind to any one but myself. I do havea little booki keep info like this in. Ihavent written in it on a good while either. I need to sit and do that. 

Well people’s, i need to get back on the grind stone. Have a great day…..


Love Candi

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