24 August journal

Well, is hump day. For some of ya. Good morning everyone, I’m flat worn out. What’s new, right? Same old story different day. 

I’m just tired. Breasts getting sore again. Have to be careful what type of bra i. Wear. One with no padding leads to my pen and cell phone hurting them. Mostly my nipples. I was and have been feelobg really fem lately. I dont really care who sees or says anything. I know ot wont be kept secret much past January. I figure by then my breasts will be showing quite prominently. Im hoping that will be the case by then. I did see that certain foods and drinks help with breast growth supposedly. Cant say of its true maybe im eatong some of those foods. Yesterday was three months on HRT. I cannot complain about how much I’ve progressed. I still don’t think, at times, it’s happening fast enough. But I’m not really in a big hurry. One thing that i need to do, get this facial hair stopped from growing. Most of it is grey, so laser is about out of the question. I will have to endure electrolysis. So when time comes, ill have to get some estimates on that. Because. Its going to be the only way it can happen. Maybe after i am a legal female, insurance will cover some of it. Wouldnt that be nice:-)

Well i better get back to working. There is plenty to do, not enough time or materials to keep up with demand. So i need to ensure my time is wisely used. 

Have a great day,


Love Candi

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