23 August journal

Good morning folks it’s tuesday. It’s been a busy morning already. Everything seems to be failing at work. But its the life i live. 

My new work boots should be in tomorrow. I’m hoping what i get is what I thinky they are. we’ll see when they show up. Much of my feet problems is the fact that when i buy shoes in the men’s department, i have to buy on or two extra insoles to make up the width so they don’t fall off. That causes the to off the toe press on my toe nails and create an ingrown nail issue. Maybe this will stop that problem. 

Otherwise the world is seemingly ok right now. All is normal in, its never right and smooth like it should be. that’s just how it is anymore. However, I’ll be ok. 

I’ve been looking at different careers to get out of this one. Maybe it’ll happen in a year or so. I dont mind doing my work, i just hate that i have to cater to some very unappreciative folks. If i could just come in and do whati needed I’d be OK with it. Though when I’m doing everyone else’s job theni get bent out of shape. Because there is no recognition or appreciation for it at all. But as long as im working 12+ hours a day, i don’t have time for job searching. This company isny all that bad really. Just the area i’m in is. it dont look like im going to be able to transfer either. 

Well i need to get back to fixig stuff. 


Love Candi

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