22 august journal

Good Monday morning everyone. Sunday was a mess. Trying to get groceries, and a couple other things, along with attempting to finish cleaning, getting the yard mowed, and laundry. We were on the couch and finally about 2pm i fell asleep. I think about three thirty the phone rang. Dad was on the other end. My mom’s brother passed away yesterday morning. He had a stroke and passed away somewhere between midnight and daylight. His wife called my mom. No one was very close to him for one reason or another. I never knew why. He just seemed to stay scarce. Also i heard in the same phone call that my brother and his wife are having troubles. So I’m wondering what’s in the air this year. Everyone i know is having trouble in their marriage. This includes myself, I’m doing my best to keep ours together. 

Today I’m at work, still worn out from all the hours I’m working. Wishing i could make the same amount of money in about half the time. That would be great. Mistress is working longer than normal hours as well. So we’re both useless on the weekends. There isn’t much rise to talk about. Almost said something to my dad yesterday about my transition, but with all the stuff they’re dealing with, i chose not to add to the stress. It seems there is always a reason not to tell them lately. oh well, they’ll know soon enough i suppose. 

Havea great day folks, 


Love Candi

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