21 August journal

Good Sunday morning everyone. The rain returned early this morning. We cleaned up and ate dinner last night. Today we’re being lazy. One of the channels has an older show on this weekend. The Fall Guy, was one of my favorite shows back in the eighties. I didn’t realize that it was so far back in the eighties. Heather Thomas was posted in all the fellows lockers, I was wanting to look like her. Now I just wanna look like “big Jack” with a sexy flair. Oh well. 

We got to get our grocery shopping done and finish up our cleaning. Then we got laundry to do and clean up the bed room. We kinda trashed the bed with stuff that needed put away. So we ended up on the couch. Probably better sleep than I’ve had in a while. No rest for the weary. With all the hours we’re both away from home, is tough to get things kept as neat as we’d like to have. So we spend the weekend cleaning up a week’s worth of mess. and I intended to mow the grass today. Maybe this rain will move out soi can get it done. 

I guessi better get moving on that stuff. Lots to do if I wanna get some lazy time in today. 


Love Candi

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