20 August journal

Well folks, it’s Saturday evening. I’ve been busy at home cleaning. Finally stopped and have gone witha friend to get a pedi. Something I been needing for a few months. getting this chair to massage my back is a treat. But it’s not doing me any good. I’M just to tense. Usually I have to adjust these things to get the right spot. When I do it’s great. 

Mistress had to work today. That sucked,but she didn’t have to get up early. And she didn’t have to work long, which wasa great thing. She needs the rest. Not sure what we’re doing this evening. nothing I’m sure, which if fine we need the rest. And we been cleaning the inside of the house since she got home. At least what I hadn’t done. Rearranged the livingroom. It was a needed change and we put up curtains that I need to replace because we bought some to long this morning. Mostly because I forgot we have shadow boxes above the windows. So when we hung them up there about a foot of them laying on the floor. So while I’m out, I’ll stop and pick up some more. 

Well I’m going to enjoy the massage. Have a great evening folks. 


Love Candi

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