15 August journal

Good morning folks it’s 0540 Monday. Yuck, being sick to your tummy all day on your only day off sucks. We did manage to get some stuff done yesterday. We didn’t get to finish up due to justa big day of don’t feel good and pure tiredness. 

Yesterday we got some groceries and, did some other shopping. Lazied on the couch and triedto take a nap. We just spent time together and it sure wasn’t long enough that’s for sure. I’m not sure how long i can keep up these 12+ hour days. 

That’s really about it. Other than work there isn’t much to talk about. Mistress  had made another wonderful Sunday dinner. Mexican layered enchiladasor burritos or what ever it was called. It wasgood none the less.

JHave a great day, 


Love Candi

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