14 August journal

Good morning folks, it’s Sunday morning. I’m hurting really bad right now. I am waiting on my pain meds to kick in. I usually don’t take any. But I’m hurting everywhere. I told worki was not working today. I have to get clothes washed, and most importantly get some rest. 

Last night our outing was great meeting other folks. One of the other couples we already knew. The resti knew of but had not met. Mistress seemed in really good spirits and spoke with the lady we knew. Well, I think she spoke with a few others to. The chatting was good. But the restaurant sucked. The seafood buffet was OK i guess. I didn’t want that so ordered from the menu. When the food finally came out about an hour later, it was burnt, inedible. The fellow next to me had the same problem. Three people of our group wound up leaving before their food even came out. then I find out the buffet wasn’t worth eating either. I’m glad i picked a bit on Mistress plate from her shrimp. I would have had nothing. so now I’m starving. Hurting to bad to really cook. Thanks for the crappiest service I’ve ever had Shoneys.

Well I’ve got to get my coffee started. Been up an hour and not even attempted to make any. But I guessi better get moving. I’ve really got tons of chores to get done. These are my own chores. Maybe I’ll find time to help mistress with hers.


Love Candi

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