13 August journal

Good Saturday morning folks. I’ve been awake for over an hour. It’s 0530 and I really should be in bed. But I’ve got to be at work at seven and couldn’t sleep anymore. Which is the life working girl who works so much you can’t even find time to eat. I chose to go ahead and get up to enjoya morning that doesn’t require rushing around. This time of day is usually my time. Time to listen to the owls and crickets and whatever else is disturbing the peaceful night air. But those are welcome disturbances. 

Work finally brought people in from around the country to help us out. Which is good. But I don’t think it’s going to be long enough here to really do much good at my location. All we are doing is flying by the seat of our britches. I’m still dealing with the idiots screwed work ethics of not doing anything. One step forward results in three back nearly every day. I’m really getting burnt out. 

Tonight we are going out, to a meeting with other couples like ourselves. A meeting actually. Maybe we will be able to gain some help for understanding and support to Mistress.  She needs quite a bit and truthfully deserves it to. Maybe some friends will be gained as well. 

Hrt is working good. Other than being a bitch lately, I’ve been in fairly good spirits. I just wished i wasn’t working so much. There is so muchi need to deal with. My breasts are showing much more so these days. I’ve even got to the point where work and my femininity is really a non issue. More on that later.

I’ve got to get ready and get to work. Havea great day everyone. 


Love Candi

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  1. I have gotten rapid mood swings, from sudden anger to a giggle so bad I had to leave a meeting (squeaky shoes). Before HRT I was a super mellow gal.

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    1. candicejune says:

      Wow, that’s funny. I was always below on the out side. But not souch anymore. I just tell how it is. Used to I didn’t say much. Now I’m kinda vocal about things

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