12 August journal

Well folks it’s Friday. The week is all but gone. What a week its been as well. Just a disaster filled week of trials and stuff. Nothing but work issues. I was hurting pretty bad last evening. Couldn’t hardly move at all by the end of the day. Especially after my shower. Yuck I hate this feeling. 

My wife’s been sick most of the week. And today she’s been feeling much better. Still tired i think, but better. hopefully this weekend we can really have a good chat about stuff. She asked me this morning “how do we fix us?” I didn’t realize until a couple weeks ago we were broken that bad. So maybe afteri get some rest and think straight, we can talk. Figure out what happened and where, and what if anything we can do to fix “us”. I don’t want to have issues, though I’ve been good at messing up things. Though it’s purely not intentional. So maybe we can find that “us” again. I’m tired of being just two people in the same house. So we’re gonna try. 

Well i gotta go. Have fun folks.


Love Candi

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  1. Selina says:

    Super glad to hear that she wants to fix you guys or at least attempt to. Here’s hugs you get the rest you need to think clearly

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