8 August journal

Good morning everyone. It’s Monday. Just about 5am. Yuck. I’m waitobf  on my employee to show up. I bet he’s late as usual. Then I have to govtocone of the lots with or without him. Oh well. 

Yesterday Mistress and I talked. Then I wrotea letter after she webt to play softball. I woke up about midnight and found her on the couch as usual. So went, got my pillow, and then slept the rest of the night with my angel. no i wasnt the most comfy physically, but I didn’t really care. I was sleeping with her. I am trying hard to save us. I don’t want to close her in the least little bit. We spent last evening cooking together. Though the food was her idea, I did help some. She did most of it. And it was good to boot. Yummy goodness.

With all the work hours and the home drama, I haven’t been my feminine self lately. Other than home ive not left the house dressed. Even at home it’s been spuratic. Fact being I almost forgot to remove my finger nail polish last night before going to bed. I’m not out at work and don’t want to shock folks. Though the light pink on my thumb for two weeks was never mentioned by anyone. 

Well ive got to get busy. Have a great day everyone.

Lastly to my wife, I love you Very much.


Live Candi

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