5 August journal

Good morning folks, it’s Friday. I’m at work and it’s not been dull either. I’ve been feeling a bit like a dog chasing it’s tail. Just going round and round getting no place. Looks like i gotta work this weekend to. We ae no where close to Mondays start up being a success. Every one is calling me to help them, yet, no one has come to help me at all. Even when I said i need help, nothing. Fuck them I suppose. I didn’t even return the call to the guy who I didn’t answer yesterday. Because I knew he wanted help again. Maybe I was wrong. I don’t know. Really don’t care. Im just gonna take care of my stuffand what my boss wants me to do. After that you help your self. 

There home world, well, nothing happening but cold sandwiches and sleep. Maybe a bit of tv. there is no life after a 12.5 hours work day. Yuck I hate it. Anyway things are seemingly ok right now. I don’t have much else to say. Jist to tires and busy. 

Hope you all have a great day!


Love Candi

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