What is love

What is love, supposedly unconditional. Thin or thick times, the love ofa person towards another is always there. So I thought. One person may continue to hold that love while another loses it for one reason or other. It’s rather sad honestly.

 But since I started this post this morning and have been so very busy all day I’ve lost my train of thought. 

I will say this, trans people are the same person even after or during transition. The inside of the person never changes. The out side may, but the love, honor and respect given is always there. At least the ones i know. Some of the loving becomes more open, there is a cjange in the anger. For me, it has become less in anger. A bit more mouthy about some things but not mad and angry with myself or the world like I was. 

Love I thought trumped everything apparently not for many of us transgender people. So as the tears fall from heaven today, from my eyes they fall as well. Bare with me folks, the posts will get into happy mode again. Soon I hope. I can’t stay this way, it’s unhealthy. So the long day finally allowed for a refreshing shower. and there is where I’m going for now.


Love Candi

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  1. Selina says:

    We all love you happy or sad so please just be yourself

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    1. candicejune says:

      Thanks, I’ll try hard to do that

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