26 July journal

Good morning folks, Monday isa memory and now it’s tuesday. I think it is anyway. Mistress andi both have a similar issue, we are working to long. I did like 10.5 hours yesterday. Looks like it’s not going to end. Mistress job also has her working late. She hasn’t been getting off until late after five thirty pm. Both of us have jobs that is short handed for help. It’s now beginning to take it’s toll. Neither of us wanted to cook last night. She is used to me having dinner ready when she gets home. I like doing it, though I have my moments about it here and there, I do like doing it. Now ifi am gone from home for twelve hours and all, cooking isn’t on my list of wants. I’ll have to figure out it out though so we aren’t eating out. Eating out has become so darn expensive. Even the cheapest of cheap, taco bell, isn’t cheap anymore, nor is it worth it. 

My boobs are really tender and sore. If I bump or touch them in certain waysi want to scream out. It doesn’t have to be anything rough either. Wow that’s crazy. But I accept it, I know it’s growing pains. Take yesterday, I was my bike coming home. The shirt was flapping from the wind against me like usual. Though I was wearinga padded bra the shirt was definatly noticeable flapping on my breasts. Some times a bit painful. Then add that I got caught ina rain storm. Nothing like last week’s torrential down pour. But I was pretty much dry by the time i got home. 

Well folks, I’ve got to go. Have a great day everyone.


Love Candi

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